What is your Yellow Brick Road?

In the previous article, “Me Inc.”, you learnt how to discover who you are and now it is time you learnt where you want to be.

There are several steps you must take in order to figure out where you want to be and find the Yellow Brick Road that gets you there. You can find out which type of career you should pursue and how you can achieve the biggest satisfaction from your professional life, as well as personal life.


Step 1: Which aspects of your life have been rewarding?

Think of those moments in your life that made you happy. You have already identified what makes you happy and what inspires your passion in life. Use these memories to find the parts of your life that have been rewarding. Create a list of these parts. Do not limit the list. This is like a brainstorming exercise. List out all the things that have positive effect on you, and make sure you cover all aspects and stages of your life.


Step 2: How does your potential vision look like?

Go through your entire list of positive aspects and put them in categories. Then narrow down the categories until you get to just a few items. At this point, you will start noticing a potential profession that could grant you satisfaction in your professional life.


Step 3: Design your ideal career ending

Now that you have narrowed down the list to a few items, you can start deciding on the type of profession that will make you happy. Try to create a description of your career ending. This is what you will be doing on the day you retire or when you start winding your career down or even at the end of your life if you plan to skip retirement. Be as specific as possible. Yes, things are likely to deviate from the way you imagine them, but by writing them down you will give yourself a clear vision of what will make you happy and satisfied.


Step 4: Take steps back from career ending to the present

Once you have determined how you wish to end your career, you can start to wind the steps back. Imagine everything you wish to do backwards. This is how you may discover several paths to your career ending. Rank the paths you discover according to their priority to lead you to your ideal career ending.


Step 5: Start the war between the vision and values

Now that you have the steps laid out for your career, you have to compare it to your values. You will probably be excited about the prospects in your career now, but you have to check them with your values before getting started. There is usually a balance in your career that can yield both success and satisfaction, as it relates to your aspirations and your values. Check how your career path agrees with your values and find the balance and the path that will give you the most satisfaction in all areas of your life.

So, what is your Yellow Brick Road?