Professional mirror, mirror on the wall

Think your professional image is good enough? Think again!

According to a study, only 15 percent of hiring managers say nearly all or most job seekers have the skills and traits their companies are looking for in candidates.

How can you be one of those candidates that companies are looking for? Developing your professional image is a crucial step in building your brand vision and carrying out the early stages of building your personal brand so you can experience success in your professional life.

People in all domains value consistency. They are more comfortable working with someone who shares their values and commitment to the working environment.

Consistency is the key characteristic that makes both employers and colleagues count on you. You can prove your consistency at work and even in your free time, when creating a blog. Posting regular articles makes other see that when you start an activity, you dedicate time to it and make sure you do it well. The same idea can be applied to your activity on social media. Your posts must share the same tone of voice, the same language and time of uploading so that your consistency is obvious to everyone who might look you up.

Make consistency part of your personal brand vision and practice it diligently. It will serve you well whether you are looking for a better job or if you are looking to bring new clients to the company.

Creativity is another quality people look for in those they want to work and associate with. Most of you consider you are endowed with lots of it. Internet helps a great deal when it comes to showcasing your creativity on a public, more accessible platform. If you wish to share your work with other and prove your creativity, you can launch your personal website, or blog, where you can publish your portfolio and activity, depending on your domain. Recruiters and head-hunters working in the said domain have higher chances to find you and recruit you.

Mentioning your project, describing how you turned it into a success, challenges included, as well as determining solutions you found, is a good way to get noticed.

Picture yourself from beginning and make sure you have a great kick-off of your career!