LinkedIn: You are never too young for a professional network

LinkedIn is a great professional network where lots of people who work in the same industry can connect. It is a good place where you can share your ideas, where other people can contribute to them and you can check what other people’s ideas are.

Why be on LinkedIn in the first place?

The more information you get, and the earlier you get it, the easier it is to make important decisions that can influence the future. This makes it easier to compare jobs, or decide which universities are best for what you want to do. LinkedIn can also help you learn more about these jobs, about how they work, what you need to study and so on. You can even get advice from people who actually have these jobs.

Although it has less than a quarter of Facebook’s members (238 million to Facebook’s 1.11bn), LinkedIn accounts are currently increasing with about 37% year on year, a figure that is more than matched by investor confidence. Many job seekers still do not use LinkedIn effectively or have an account at all.

Being active on LinkedIn makes it easier for you to be noticed by recruiters and head hunters. They usually look up any potential candidate on LinkedIn so that they can figure out whether someone is worth speaking to. Even if you do not want to be an active job-seeker, you can still navigate through LinkedIn and post occasional information relevant for your work.

Everyone should have a LinkedIn profile and if you update it, especially if you are connected to co-workers, it will be noticed. My advice is to be thoughtful when you create your profile – do not tinker too much. Make all the substantive changes at once so it is not a tip-off. Adding connections is a different story—that shows that you’re a good networker, which is a positive thing.

See you on LinkedIn!