Is it correct to get inspired by others?

When you are at the beginning of your career, you spend a good amount of time watching and learning, and then emulating what others do. It is natural to copy what seems to be working for others. Over time you branch out, do your own thing, experiment and your own personality, brand, value emerge into email subscribers and leads.

While doing this, you are most certainly inspired by different people. It can be one of your parents or close relatives who set a good example that you feel like following. It can be a friend, a teacher or a person you admire in a certain industry who inspired you to follow a certain path.

Now it’s time to take those thoughts to a deeper level, a level where you can take action using the knowledge you have on those people’s decisions and their careers. So take each one of the people you have been thinking about and create a list. Next to each of the names add descriptions about their paths and what they are doing now, professionally. You can also include the reasons why you personally admire the said person.

This step can be followed by an analysis of their personal choices, their lives as they are supported by their careers. Try not to see only the bright part, look deep into the details you can get about their real struggle with reality. Once you have discovered the people whose careers and aspirations started from a point that is mostly similar to where you stand right now, focus on them. What inspired them? What steps did they take in their careers? Where they able to form a family of their own? Are they happy now?

Choose what is relevant for your own career and then adapt it to your plans. The best way to get around it is to learn from the mistakes others have made and build your career step by step, relying on hard work and a drop of intuition.

Therefore, there is nothing wrong with getting your inspiration from what other people do, as long as you build your own personality, image and career in an original and personal way.