Professional mirror, mirror on the wall

Think your professional image is good enough? Think again! According to a study, only 15 percent of hiring managers say nearly all or most job seekers have the skills and traits their companies are looking for in candidates. How can you be one of those candidates that companies are looking for? Developing your professional image […]

Is it correct to get inspired by others?

When you are at the beginning of your career, you spend a good amount of time watching and learning, and then emulating what others do. It is natural to copy what seems to be working for others. Over time you branch out, do your own thing, experiment and your own personality, brand, value emerge into […]

What is your Yellow Brick Road?

In the previous article, “Me Inc.”, you learnt how to discover who you are and now it is time you learnt where you want to be. There are several steps you must take in order to figure out where you want to be and find the Yellow Brick Road that gets you there. You can […]

Me Inc.

The foundation of personal branding rests on authenticity: the ability to tap into your genuine, humble, and individual human qualities from which your identity, personality, and character stem. The following steps will give you a better understanding of who you are today and from there you can more easily figure out where you want to […]

Your signatures talk for you

Email signatures are no less important than visit cards, but they are the equivalent of your printed business cards – small, simple, but no-less essential to your brand and to your individual professional persona. E-mail signatures are an easy way to promote yourself and your projects in your everyday correspondence. They are fairly un-intrusive (if […]

LinkedIn: You are never too young for a professional network

LinkedIn is a great professional network where lots of people who work in the same industry can connect. It is a good place where you can share your ideas, where other people can contribute to them and you can check what other people’s ideas are. Why be on LinkedIn in the first place? The more information […]

Young Professionals & Netiquette

The etiquette guidelines that govern behavior when communicating on the Internet have become known as netiquette. Netiquette covers not only rules of behavior during discussions, but also guidelines that reflect the unique electronic nature of the medium. Netiquette usually is enforced by fellow users who are quick to point out infractions of netiquette rules. Your […]

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