Are you on/ offline?

Social media profiles are important for building a professional personal brand. Social networks have large communities and you should be active in the ones that are important for professionals (LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, etc.)

Having your own website is just as important, if not even more important. It is something that can really differentiate you from the competition, as not everybody goes that extra mile when building their personal brand. Websites need professional design and content. Pay extra attention to the About page, where you describe yourself and your activity.

Try to be consistent with the upload of information. Make your content as value-filled as possible. People need to answer questions and solve problems. If you want to build a brand and be seen as a genuine expert and the go-to person in your industry, you need to exude everything about the industry in a commendable and memorable way – creating content that people genuinely want to consume and, more important share to their peers.

All official online presence, like websites, social profiles, professional photography and appropriate email signatures, gives your personal brand credibility. But credibility can also be built by associating yourself with others. There are probably people in your industry that you can work with and associate yourself with to improve your credibility.

Blogging or publishing any kind of content is a great way to build your credibility especially if you co-author posts with someone else or if you guest post on respected blogs. You can also post the logos of brands that you are associated with.

You can do the same thing for your brand. Offer to write guest posts on popular blogs. You will have to write your absolute best work to get included on the best blogs. This implies a lot of hard work, but once the article is published you will always be able to associate yourself with the blog. That is a great way to earn credibility by association.

Associating yourself with respected names and companies is a constant work that requires a lot of time, but equally pays off. You can do this in your free time, not letting this affect your job activity. Thus, you are one step closer to your perfect personal brand.